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Fastrain Chess Tournament

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    SATURDAY 3rd July 2010

    RULES &

    REGULATIONS: 4 groups – U10 (under 10), U12 (under 12), U14 (under 14) and U18

    (under 18). Each group plays seven rounds, INTERNATIONAL CHESS RULES.

    Swiss System – Every child plays every game (unless there is an odd

    number of children). One point for a win, half point for a draw, zero

    for a loss. Leaders play leaders, losers play losers.

    Time Limits – All divisions will use chess clocks, with a time limit of

    20 minutes per player for the whole game. New players will be given

    instruction on the use of chess clocks.

    Tie Breaks – Tie breaks will be decided in the following order: Median

    Bucholz, Bucholz, Progressive and lastly the results of individual games.

    Ratings – The event will be JCL rated.

    ENROLMENT: Participants must fi ll in an enrolment form and send it with the

    registration fee to North Shore Development Centre.

    By Mail: P.O. Box 22, Chatswood, 2067

    Or in person to any of our centres.

    Closing date for entries Tuesday 30th June, 2009.

    The organiser reserves the right to refuse late entries.

    REGISTRATION FEE: $20.00 per child (Non-refundable under any circumstances)

    AGE REQUIREMENT: Age by 11th July, 2009

    PRIZES: For each group:

    First - $300 NSDC Scholarship plus Gifts and Trophy

    Second - $250 NSDC Scholarship plus Gifts and Trophy

    Third - $150 NSDC Scholarship plus Gifts and Trophy

    All participants will receive certifi cates and gifts.


    SCHOOL PRIZE: $300 worth of library books of your choice will be presented to the school with the best results

    (based on the top 3 students from each school).


    DIRECTORS: Brett Tindall and Laura Moylan


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