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FIDE USCF representation

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    i am going to compete in a Scholastic tournament, it will be my first one, so i will have to register with the USF and FIDE.  If possible, I would like to represent Peru for FIDE and USCF, not the US, as i am more culturally tied to the place. I have citizenship of both places.  Is this possible and will it affect what tournaments i do or no.  

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    You don't get FIDE membership, under normal circumstances, that his handled through your federation.


    Where is the tourney being held?

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    It is the Illinois High School Chess competition

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    Ah. You should probably check but I don't think many scholastic tourneys are FIDE rated, but if it is, and you really want to be listed as playing under the Peruvian flag, you should contact their chess federation and see if they would be willing to register you with a FIDE ID. https://ratings.fide.com/fide_directory.phtml?country=PER&list=899


    Then you can get that associated with your USCF membership, though I don't know the full process for that.


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