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how play tournament with ipad ?

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    how play tournament with ipad ?
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    The iOS app doesn't currently support tourneys. You can sign up for Daily tourneys on the site and play the games on the app. That may also work on Live but I don't know how well that works in practice.

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    Which sucks cuz I'm an iOS user and I want to participate in Unrated Tuesday
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    And Safari is broken on my phone
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    Its ok now, thanks for the update


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    Any progress made for ipad users? I don't really see the benefits in paying for membership if I can't play tournaments. 

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    Doesnt work on safari or chrome on the iPad either

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    I thought Tourneys were added to the newest version of the iOS app. Are you on the newest version?

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    Currently the mobile app displays no live tournaments but have discovered a work around. Go to daily tournaments which takes you to a cumbersome site for mobiles, join the tourney then flick back to live tournaments on your app and it will appear

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    I use the iPad app, and the only tourneys listed are those put out by chess.com.  The blitz, bullet, rapid.  Occasional live 960.  If I want to play a club tourney, have to use the browser.

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    Yeah, club tourneys don't show in the app. They are a newer feature and I'm guessing adding them to the app is pretty low priority, over other changes in the pipeline.

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    That’s correct about switching from app to browser. I’m in my first tournament in thirty(yes, 30) years. Forget browser, back then (paper, pencil, board, pieces, clock, FIDE submission form) it may take 2-3 weeks to find out your new rating. But I worked with the techs and found out that the hardest time is at the very beginning of a tournament. Because you may not get your first “app” notification of a move for 2-3 days. Well heck, then you find out that you’ve timed out on half your moves. So I always click tournaments option to make sure I’ve made all my moves. Oh, BTW, yes, I won my first round against 6 opponents.

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