Dev Update: November 16th, 2017 Dev Update: November 16th, 2017

Nov 16, 2017, 9:44 PM |
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For months you've read about Vue this, Vue that... Well for live chess, Vue is for real now!

Live chess is basically brand spanking new from the ground up! It looks exactly the same but the code underneath is new and shiny.

All Vue live means a couple of things for our members:

- Already should be bit faster and smoother.

- You should be on the look out for any connection troubles or any bugs we didn't yet find in our countless hours of testing. If you do find anything, please report! Consider joining the Beta Club  

- We are finally able to get started on fully optimizing live chess and reach the performance level we've been dreaming about.

Thanks so much for all your patience!

- Along with the introduction of Vue, we also released live analysis on all our relayed games making a better place to watch spectator chess!


- "Still There" is still there, but has improved! Now instead of bugging everyone who takes too long on a single move, only those with a history of disconnecting or aborting games will be asked to confirm if they are really still there.

- Our Master Games Archive has far more sorting options now making it even easier to find perfect learning material:


- Are you digging 4 Player Chess? Well now you can team up for even more fun! Grab and help create Theory in an exciting new variant. 


iOS just released a brand new verision with another surge of features:

First and foremost, iPhone X uses are back in the saddle!

We've added Google Login as well but the single most requested feature in months (years?!) has finally arrived: Live Tournaments including Arenas!

Be sure to upgrade the app for the best performance! 

Interested in helping test the next release before it hits the store? Join the iOS club for details


Since our last Dev Update, Android has released 3.6.0, 3.6.2 and 3.6.3 all of which included a ton of bug fixes but there were a few goodies as well:

- Vision is available on app now
- Lessons were updated
- Updated Facebook intregration

3.6.3 is just about to enter beta and includes huge updates to live chess brining more stability and faster reconnects!

Be sure to download the new upgrade! 

Looking to be "in the know" for coming Android updates? Join the Android Club for details!

As always, if you have suggestions or bugs to report use the HELP icon in the navigation, or on mobile, Send Feedback in the Settings.

Thanks for your support!