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how to prepare for OTB tournie?

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    may they all be good battles, with good lessons win or lose

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    i scored the golden points!! the games went the following: game one, he was a strong player but didn't know the line he was playing very good so i beat him. the second was against the person at the top of the list at the time (not the FM) which i found an amazing counter compination and went up a pawn the the endgame  which i won (after that win everybody knew my name). the third game was going bad for me but i closed the position and the game was drawn in 23 moves without any peices have been taken. I ended up winning third place

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    Your final score was 5.5/8?

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    no, 6/9

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    ajttja wrote:

    no, 6/9

    Good score!


    So you came third overall or third of the novices?

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    third overall by points. I was tied with three other people but had more "progressive"(you get progressive by winning hard games and my how you won them. if you won a bunch of games by luck you wouldn't get much progressinve) probably because i beat that hard dude

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    the hard dude is the guy who was at the top of the list but ended up second because i beat him.

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    That's some achievement, well done.


    Did you get more than your entry fee back?

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    i got a pure bronze medal and a chess bag with a chess board already in it.

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    ajttja wrote:

    i got a pure bronze medal and a chess bag with a chess board already in it.

    Better than a few dollars! and you didn't have to reproduce your "still happy, even though I lost" face, too often.


    Is there a tournament page or crosstable somewhere on the internet?

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    i think so but im not sure how to find it. There is a big page with tournament details for tournis all over the world and im not sure how to get to a spesific one.

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    What is the name of the town, in which you played the tournament?

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    Lima, Peru

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    what I'd like to know is how a 12 year old got a FM title and his rating is 1725?  I need to move to Peru, maybe my 1950 FIDE will get me an IM title.

    Yes, and he got it in 2011 it seems, when he was only 9... and his rating was 1783... seems very odd.

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