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I accidentially eliminated a player from a tournament

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    I did so something really dumb.  I was looking at my large  tournament for the first time in months. It was down to the last nine players and I was looking at the last nine players and apparently you can eliminate someone from your tournament with just two clicks.  I hadn't realized you could do this. It is only my second tournament.

    There is a warning box after the first screen but my screen is sort of small and I missed it?  Is there some way to fix this?

    If not?  What should I do besides run? :-)Cry


    I feel bad. Its not a nuclear accident or anything..,but it shows how much in life depends on trusting other people not to be stupied.

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    You could send in a Support 'ticket' (as, you cannot count on any Staff reading this forum and acting on this in a timely fashion). 




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    Thanks. It's to late now. But at least I now now know about the support ticket.


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