Playing two games against one person at the same time


Hello people,

this is my first forum post. In some (daily chess) tournaments person A plays two games simultaneously against person B and in others de second game starts when the first is completed.

Personally I like the second option and kind of dislike the first. When I play against an unknown person the second game will be a more thoughtful game, because the loser of the first game will be more cautious and will have learned something about the playing style of the other person in the first game.

I guess it's just a very subjective opinion but I get nervous playing two games against the same (unknown) person. It feels like walking in thin air.

I wonder how other people think about that.


When you started wearing pants, did you start with just one?

Of course not! You started with a pair.



When you have two hotdogs, do you stuff them in your mouth at the same time?


Mybe in english speaking countries, but I'm Dutch and in holland we say one "broek" which is our word for "a pair of trousers" It is singular, so maybe english speaking players like playing two games simultaneously maybe?


Having both games simultaneously is supposed to lead to getting the games finished quicker.

Or if you are playing against @Dreadnought53 and find you are winning one game and losing the other, you might find he plays moves regularly on the one he's winning and on the one he's losing only as the clock is about to run out.

One good reason to have a 3-setting clock.



what is a 3-setting clock?