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Ratings team tourneys in up to 10 bands!!!

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    Hi my friends,

    Due to the staggering response from groups & teams to my trialling 3 tourneys in specific ratings bands,I am proposing to stage more tourneys of this ilk in as many as 10 ratings bands! I must be bloody mad!! LOLLaughing Hopefully this will encourage more teams,especially the less numerous ones,to participate in what I hope is fairer team matches.If you would like to view the 3 ratings bands site so that you can see the structure,rules,format,etc,and,hopefully,like the idea of what you see and would be interested in entering a team or teams in future ratings team tourneys,then here is the link:-


    Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to read this forum and that you'll be entering teamsSmile.

    wallyjackCool (Mike)

    P.S. Anyone know of a reasonably priced psychiatrist???!!! LOLLaughing

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    I think you have a great idea, more power to you if you have the time & energy to create these tnmts for everyone else to play in.

    PS: Forget the shrink - a bottle of Bombay Gin, Wild Turkey Rye, or a single-malt Scotch is a lot cheaper and probably just as effective.

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    Thank you,my friend,and I've obviously been self-administering psychiatric treatment for the past 40+ years!!!Wink

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    Cool Indian Marauders

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    Thank you,VjWink

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    After a good deal of thought,this is my proposed ratings bands:-


    Teams could then select however many bands that they wished to enter without being obligated to try and put out full and 'open' teams in matches.I think that 5 players is a fair minimum number to constitute a match and this would give the smaller teams a better chance to compete against the "big boys".Obviously for these team tourneys to come to fruition will heavily rely on support from all groups and teams.

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    Band widths are narrow.. we could keep minimum players to 3

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    Yep,it's all open for debate.

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    i feel too many bands :)

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    I think it doesn't matter how many Bands there r ... as long as Teams r willing to participate ... the More d Better ! ... more Choices for All .

    .. U make them ,we join them ! Cool

    If there's no Response for any 1 Band,juz scrap that one .( might be a bit of a waste of time but not much,I think )

    .. minimum 3 Players seems a bit low for a Competition ( to me ie.) ... juz my Opinion tho.

    Tnx Soooo Much for yr Time/Efforts/Enthusiasm  etcccc in Creating them ! Smile


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