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Tournament withdrawal

  • #1

    Hi, is it possible to withdraw from a multi-round tournament in-between rounds (I've qualified for the next round) without penalty?

    I'm in this tournament which is going to be 7+ rounds (100 people, 2 people per group)

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    As long as you've finished all your games in that round i guess so, yes..

    I withdrew after completing all of my games in round 1. I wasn't penalised for withdrawing from the tournament.

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    Ozzie I'm in the same position as you I want to withdraw from the tournament after compelting the first round.

    Did you withdrew?

    If yes were you penalised?


  • #4

    I didn't yet. I've got a bunch of tournaments, and I'm worried about this one tournament which may go 8 rounds... so I may end up withdrawing after all the other ones are done.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Hi Ozzie, did not wait & withdrew yesterday. There has been no change yet in my rating, but as I said I completed my round and had no matches pending. It seems logical if you withdraw while still playing in a round to lose points but you cannot lose points out of matches not yet played (coming rounds) I guess.Cool.

    Good Luck in your ohter tournaments

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    I do want t proceed in playing, but in this Game there are too many low rated players and I want to withdraw right now: in that case could I be fined or not ...


    Thank you

    kind regards 


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