TT.2022: strange probabilities

snowlord wrote:

Hello , Michael, thanks for your work and statistics. I would like to note that I have never been banned from the lichess, my only account there is signed with my first and last name. I saw that there is a closed user account on Lichess with a nickname like mine in chesscom, but it’s not me.

For that matter has 16 other accounts starting with snowlord and two more with snowlord as their descriptive name.


Ill lay later at 12 17



Again. I don't blame. I ask you to mathematically explain the probabilities

of the form 1 / 1,000,000... "Any result is possible" - this is the blonde's explanation.


400 ( <2750 ) - this no longer works.

Now songs about Blitz( 5 + 3 )
Many TT-players play exclusively in TT ( 3+1 ) 
TT-players who also play regular games use:

~80% ( 3+0 )

~15% ( 3+1 )

~4.8% ( 3+2 )

~0.2% other time controls




Look here first:


The word blame doesn't make sense and no one cares if you blame or not. The issue is accusations. You accuse. That's what you're doing. Saying you're not doing it doesn't change anything. How many false accusations are you comfortable with?


bifree PatchTKmusicyoutube

I know well enough how the internet works and definitely more than you about chess. Since the account is not visible anymore we can't know whose account was it. I do not trust blindly the words of people, especially those with VERY suspicious statistics. It might be his account, might be not, might be fair player, might be not. I think the second MUCH more likely based on his games and results which I have studied carefully, but if you prefer to have a different opinion, it is fine with me. Which still doesn't give you any right imho be aggressive and arrogant towards me or this gentleman Mr. Kagansky. Learn the basic culture and tame your ego gentlemen. For now adios, no wish to communicate with you both, before you get yourself to an acceptable cultural level. Wish you both manage


@vladimirkramnik, do you even realise that you changed your story? You originally somehow had the idea that his actual lichess account was somehow connected to cheating. That's why you DEMANDED he PROVE that it wasn't HIS account. you even USED CAPITALS to show how SERIOUS you were. But, you had no idea what you were talking about. 
When I explained your two very simple blunders, you didn't acknowledge it at all. You simply changed your story to what it is now. We don't know whose account the lichess one was, so maybe it was him. That's shameless behaviour, Kramnik. You're the last person on earth who should ever be listened to about ethics or, given you are a proven cheater, behaviour.


@PatchTKmusicyoutube I support your last message completely, I wouldn't be able to put it any better!

VladimirKramnik написал:

Hello Ivan,

I have checked this account on lichess, there is NOT A SLIGHTEST INDICATION the account is someone else's than yours. There is your name,photo, link to your fide personal page,even your lyrics there. Lichess doesn't open accounts with someone else's data without checking, let along keeping it for ages. Could you please provide us with WHO created this profile? In case it is not you might demand lichess proving it wasn't you, to close this case. Otherwise, with all due respect, I personally tend to believe it is yours. Hope you will PROVE the opposite.

Wishing well. Vladimir

Hello, Vladimir Borisovich! I think you meant the account on lichess. This is my account, that’s what I wrote about, that this is my only personal account in lichess. However, the snowlord account on Lichess, which is closed, did not belong to me. If you want, you can try to look for games from that account and compare with mine (I don’t know how to do this , maybe , here ) to make sure, I guess, the games of some person unknown to me should not turn out to be similar to mine .



В таблице приведены Ваши ТТ-результаты за 2024г.
Практически во всех турнирах показан более чем ожидаемый результат.
Кроме одного, в котором вы отметелили как минимум 5 элитных или околоэлитных

гроссов. "Норматив фарта" был отработан на 252 года вперёд, так сказать...


Это примерно как если бы "Текстильщик"( Иваново ) уделал ЦСКА, Зенит,
Спартак, Локомотив и Динамо : )


У меня лично нет никаких претензий. Нельзя запретить человеку сильно играть.

Тем не менее... У зрителей, "обиженных" в этом ТТ оппонентов, у Chess^com могут возникнуть вопросы. В сумме такой публики наберётся немало.



P. S.
Сейчас опять набегут идиоты и начнут орать, что я Вас обвиняю.
Психи ненормальные - что возьмешь : )


Thank you for your answer, Ivan, but impossible to find games of this person, at least couldnt manage. Because otherwise would be clear to me, therefore I wrote that. If you manage somehow, do not hesitate to send me. Otherwise,never mind, lets leave it uncertain