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Welcome to the Tournaments Discussion Forum

  • #261

    how can i join tournaments?

  • #262

    Click on My Home and then Tournaments. Check out Upcoming Tournaments.

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    how do I get this forum OFF my bloody 'forums I have posted' list - it seems to have commandeered top spot, an' I can't get rid of it ! Embarassed

  • #264

    are you tracking it ?

  • #265

    nope, but it got some little blue marker stuck next to it Embarassed

  • #266

    That little blue marker shows this thread is whats called " sticky". It will always appear at the top of the list of threads for the forum topics regardless of whats posted. It shows the same if you look in  the Chess Community forum. The top 4 are 'stuck' threads.

  • #267

    okayyy Smile how does I UNstick it ? Smile it not like I can scrub it off with white spirit or universal solvent Laughing an' I takes ur word for it, kohai, but I not goin' anywhere near one of these blasted things again Smile

    what if I deletes me postin' ?

  • #268

    Staff and forum moderators can stick a thread in the forums, group admin can stick threads in groups. It will always show at the top regardless sorry.

  • #269

    I've hesitated to post in this thread lest I befall the same fate as smileative, but I'd like to put forth a suggestion that stuck topics not be kept at the top of the "Topics I am/have..." lists, but rather float in the sort order based on the latest post just like any other topic.

    It seems to me that the "Stuck" status is primarily (if not only) relevant when viewing a topic category's main page and that the lists are most useful when sorted strictly by last post date.

    When users are contemplating deleting their contributions to get around undesired behaviour then something is clearly not working like it should.

  • #270

    Why is my score 18 instead of 19?

  • #271

    no idea. maybe try to refresh.

  • #272
    Kacparov wrote:

    no idea. maybe try to refresh.

    I dont think that will work, I see the same as he does....

  • #273

    I drew my last game in round 2 and now my standing is +19-1=1 score 18.5, so it is not a refresh problem. I'm into round three anyway so it is no big deal, but I'm just curious.

  • #274

    If I can't find an answer here any ideas where I can?

  • #275

    I have no idea...

  • #276

    ok, kohai, if I deletes postin's an' it turns out that bloody thread is stuck cos of some group thingy, if I quit group will it then go away ??? /Smile\

  • #277

    Hi, sorry if this question has been posted before, but I haven't read the whole thread. Are there any plans to run tournaments with shorter time controls? Say for example five or ten minutes per game? Is it possible to run short tournaments with blitz style time controls? I feel like this would be a popular feature. Cheers!


  • #278

    I have been warring(wallyjack's chess war #2) since 25 July, 2009. My opponent,satorichess, has gone on vacation again with 90 minutes on the clock. This is my last game in round 2. It is a win. The tournament is a win. My experience with this tournament is a loss, as folks can just abuse their opponents at will. This is legal, but it is not in the spirit of competition that makes chess a great game. 

    Stephen Chapman

  • #279

    This echos some earlier posts about different formats. Would like to see "live chess" tournaments. For instance, could you do 4-round swiss, game in 45?

  • #280

    5 rated games yes. This doesn't apply to premium members though.


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