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    Thx kohai

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    Don't know if someone has requested this before. Can team matches be allowed to have the option of no vacation? It's only an option on tourneys and not matches

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    How do new players with no chess.com rating sign up for a tournament?

    I used to be pretty good in rated over-the-board play: my Canadian rating was around 2000 back in the 1980s and '90s, but I haven't played competitively for about 25 years now.

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    I am new to this site and see live tournaments are going every hour.  Is the 15/10 format the longest time control in these tournaments?  Ever have a 20/20 or 30/30 tournament?  

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    15/10 is the longest live

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    15/10? Is there no 30 minutes live chess?

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    yap.but no tournament

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    15/10 is the longest live tournament. You can try correspondence tournaments, but those are really slow (often taking years to finish).

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    Guys, don't know where I can find this info- does a tournament appear in the app version of Chess.com?

    It's where I play my online games and feel like participating in the next big tournament! Thanks!

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    Spinner112 wrote:

    Guys, don't know where I can find this info- does a tournament appear in the app version of Chess.com?

    It's where I play my online games and feel like participating in the next big tournament! Thanks!

    Yes. You can even join them on ur mobile.

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    my tourny has 10 groups... how many people from each group moves on?


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    it depends on your pairings system or if you play elimination rules. typically all winners or Black piece players earning draws will advance. So if you have 10 groups with 8 players each, the top 4 players winning or drawing advance. essntially, the top half of each group advances until you have a winner overal in each group. If your tourney is a round robin where everyone plays evryone in a group, then the winners advance and in the event that there are multiple people with equal standings, the placement of winners is determined by the tiebraker margin, with players earning more tiebreaking points based on their wins against higher rated players.

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    Hey guys.as a basic member,how many tournaments can i play at one time,both official and non-official.and oh,am dying for basic vs premium members tournament or match,i think its a great idea!

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    As a basic member, you may play in I think 2 tournaments that are hosted at chess.com per week. If you are involved in a club, you may participate in any of the tournament matches your Admins create, as long as your ratings fall within the parameters set up.

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    Okay thanks for that..

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    Hi, I have a question about a tournament I'm in.  It started with 56 players, has a maximum group size of 7, and 2 are advanced to the next round.

    At the end of round 2, there were 6 remaining players, and they were then divided into 2 groups of 3 (rather than 1 big group of 6, which I had expected since the max size was 7).

    At the end of round 3, the 2 top players in each group were advanced to round 4, which 2 groups of 2 (insted of 1 group of 4).  In my group, I beat  my opponent in both games.  In the other group, they drew both games.

    Now in round 5, there are still 2 groups.  I'm in a group by myself.  And the two people who drew in round 4 are again in a group, and are currently playing.

    I don't have any games to play in round 5, since I'm in a group by myself. Which means the other players will have 2 more games than I will, which affects the standings.  But if they draw again, will the same thing happen in rond 6?  And will I only get to play again if one of them finally wins, and we'll both be advanced to a final round together?

    This is the first tournament in which I've advanced so far, so maybe this happens all the time, but it does seem odd to me.  Why wasn't round 5 one big group of 3, rather than 1 group of 1 and 1 group of 2?

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    It seems to me that there are some players who probably unintentionally sabotage the spirit of a tournament by playing to the maximum time allowed per move and taking multiple vacations thus extending the duration of the tournament to such a degree that everyone engaged in it loses interest. I understand that if the person guilty of this has no chance of winning the tournament can proceed without them, but what if the game is critical to the final outcome? Should there be a code of practise or is there one already that has passed me by?

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    Na there's not one Janet, seems any stalling is acceptable. I am in a tournament that started May 1st, my games finished May 12th, the second round hasn't started yet.


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