Who has the best online thematic tnmts?

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    Chess.com's current "advanced option" for thematic tnmts really sucks, esp since it used to have several hundred options until quite recently.

    Since it's obvious they're not concerned about this, what other sites offer a lot of online (not live) thematic tnmts and/or the ability to make up your own thematic tnmt with any opening/variation you want?

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    Have staff explained why they made that decision to cut down on the number of openings ?

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    NO and when I suggested they go back to the old much bigger list they said "Thanks, we'll keep your suggestion in mind."

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    Any ideas why ? Probably too heavy and little used. Was it taken off the team match options too ? There must be some explanation that we start off the discussion from...

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    Click on the link below for more info. There's been LOTS of discussion there about this, now I'm just disgusted and trying to find a site with better thematic tnmt options. I dunno about the team match options but I bet they're exactly the same, ask a super-admin or regular admin to organize a challenge match so they can look at the list under advanced options (they don't have to finish organizing the match of course)

    The fact that it was too little used appears irrelevant if what a programmer told me is correct namely that the old list didn't waste any server resources. 


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    Yeah, couldnt even start a Cunningham KG tourney. We had to start from regularr KGA.

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    I know there's been lots of reactions at that measure, and I understand it bothers thematic groups especially, for example gambit playing groups For which some gambits very rarely appear unless you set them on the board. I was admin of such a group when it happened. I am just curious to know whether it had ever been explained by staff, and am surprised to learn they haven't. As for other websites that offer the choice, well, have you ever found a site as complete and attractive as this one ?

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    I just read the thread you posted, and I wasn't aware of the cheating possibilities with set openings...sort if crooked thinking though...but it would explain why staff isn't responding.

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    Check out this forum a group protest against the all-new and grossly inferior thematic tnmt opening choices:


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