Just a Christian girl learning chess for the first time.

John MacArthur, Paul Washer, and Voddie Baucham are some of my favorite not-local pastors.

I love hymns, classical music, and folk songs, in that order (most of the time).

Currently struggling through Running Start online at Clark College; hoping to go to The Master's University to study geology. 

Also known as Lorene6 and MerelBlackbird on Khan Academy; I have two accounts there because one of them is still a child account and I can't do as much coding and programming things with it. (I only wanted to code to put out a little newspaper).

I use MerelBlackbird across most of the web at the moment, I may change my username here too. But probably not.

I have a games-only club. Not just chess, though. More forum games, and maybe chatting games in the live chat. It's completely open. 

I may write a fantasy book someday. (Currently, I am supplying ideas to the Defense Against Ducks, and a bunch of RP threads). I have a club for other authors: 

Chickens, chickens, everywhere, and not a one alone! I am Elijah - Chess Forums - (disregard that, because it's (nearly) over

DM me anything you like, spam up my inbox, throw all your arcane obscure facts and questions at me, just as much as you like. I won't get mad; I will answer any of your questions and accept some game challenges or club invitations. But I'm really busy right now. wink.png 

I played Mafia quite a bit recently, but although I love it, I'm not that good! Still going to play when I can... as long as the players are decent.

F-rank member of the Chess Adventurers Guild. 

Are you saved?
Christians believe what the Bible says about God, mankind, and salvation.
1. God is Sovereign Creator
a. The Bible says we were created by God to love, serve, and enjoy endless fellowship with Him. Jesus created, owns, and rules everything. Jesus has authority over our lives, and we owe Him absolute allegiance, obedience, and worship. John 1:3, Colossians 1:16, Psalm 103:19
2. God is Holy
a. God is absolutely and perfectly holy. (Isaiah 6:3) God cannot commit or approve evil. (James 1:13) God requires holiness of us as well: “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16
3. Mankind is sinful
a. Everyone is guilty of sin. Sin is any thought, word, or deed that breaks God’s law by commission or omission. “There is no man who does not sin” (1 Kings 8:46) While capable of performing acts of kindness, we are incapable of understanding, loving, or pleasing God on our own (Romans 3:10-23)
4. Sin Demands a Penalty
a. God’s holiness and justice demand that all sin be punished by death (Ezekiel 18:4). Simply changing our pattern of behavior can’t solve our sin problem or satisfy its consequences.
5. Jesus Is Lord and Savior
a. Romans 10:9 “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.” God’s justice demands death for sin, God’s love has provided the Savior Who paid the penalty and died for sinners (1 Peter 3:18). Christ’s perfect life and sacrificial death satisfied the righteous demands of God’s holiness (2 Cor. 5:21), enabling the only way to forgiveness and salvation for those who place their faith in Him (Romans 3:26) being united to Christ (John 17:21)
6. Will you repent and believe?
a. Contact a bible-believing church if you need prayer or would like to discuss what it means to be a Christian.
7. Character of Saving Faith
a. True faith is always accompanied by repentance from sin. Repentance is agreeing with God that you are sinful, confessing your sins to Him, turning from sin, pursuing Christ, and obeying Him (Luke 13:3-5; 1 Thess. 1:9; Matt. 11:28-30; John 17:3; 1 John 2:3)
b. Knowledge of Christ is not enough. The devils believe in God and tremble in fear but they don’t love and obey Him. True saving faith responds in loving obedience (James 2:19; Ephesians 2:10)