Hello, I'm just another one of the jokers that you might have seen on the social side of; I used to be active in the general forums but stopped when I felt they massively decreased in quality, so now I am mostly active in clubs, and just like to have fun there. I am in exactly 50 clubs, and I am a Coordinator in 1 club, an Admin in 3 clubs, and a Super Admin in 4 clubs, although 2 of them don't really count. 

Aside from clubbing, I also started my blog, Alphaous's Amazing Anecdotes (I like alliterations) which currently has 6 posts. I'm currently trying to become Top Blogger, and am active in the blogging competition, BlogChamps

My goals for 2023 are: 

1800 USCF (I'm currently 1546)

2200 Blitz

2000 Bullet/Rapid

I don't have many lifetime goals besides becoming a titled player.

My favorite accomplishments:

Reaching 2000 Blitz (I think this finally cemented me as cool tongue.png)

Getting an en passant mate + drawing an NM OTB

Winning $225 at my first OTB event

Beating 9 titled players online (Yes I know some of them are dirty flags, but they still count tongue.png)