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My first parents were Nigerian Politicians. I was born in America, in Missouri. At the hospital where I was born, they left me. I do not know why, but all I know is that they did. The doctors could not contact them directly, but listed as an emergency number was my father’s cousin. He was part of the politician’s bodyguard, and came to pick me up. He must have been a good man, for he took me back to Nigeria and planned to raise me as his own, but on their way to Abuja, the capital, (just recently it had replaced Lagos) they were attacked by members of BH, a newly formed t-ist group. The politicians survived, but his cousin did not. I was taken to a small town, as at this time they didn’t have a secure main compound, that would come years later. Instead of being raised an IS t-ist, however, my fate was spared. Makong Ibekwë, one of the top advisors of “Ustaz” Mohammed Yusuf, leader at that time. This is the man I must thank for my life. He adopted me and taught me how to live a good life. He was not an evil man, in fact he helped people who BH oppressed. One day, however, they caught a man who had escaped a prison, and after much he gave up Makong. Mohammed had deep respect for my father, however, and, from what I have been told, he wished to spare him, but there were those that could not stand treason. Makong summoned me to the living room, handing me a book. “Solev” he told me, “Take this book and go get Ina. Tell him Makong said it is time to go.” I was still a child, and I was willed with confusion. I took the book, and with Ina (Ina is not his real name, I unfortunately never found out what is was, but Ina means the Flame in Yoruba) I traveled to Unguwar Turai, as it is called, and met up in a hotel of sorts with some Christian Missionaries, of whom had received many times the help of Makong. There Ina instructed me to hand the book to the leader of this Missionary group. This book contained the names that Makong had erased from history, of people whom BH wanted, of whom Makong had helped escape. The Missionary said some words to Ina in a strange, foreign language, (English) and he and Ina exchanged some words.

I stayed in that room for two months, and when a new batch of Missionaries came, a couple noticed me, and I must have had an impact on them, because two years later they came back with the paperwork to bring me back to America as their child. We moved a little. Thanks to Makong and my parents, who allowed me to live this life of my own.

Makong Ibekwë and Ina 'ceased' in the days after I was left at the hotel.

At this point I was fourteen and living in Florida. Four years later, at eighteen, I moved back to Nigeria and joined their military. Life kept me in the military until I was 29, though not always in the Nigerian military. Throughout this season of life I also worked as a part time contractor to a Ugandan Arms Manufacturing Federation. After being injured and unable to work in the military for some time, I found myself with plenty of time spared, and at this point I lived again in Florida. A while passes and my friend in Uganda fell very ill, so I moved from Florida to Uganda again to help him and his family. He got better and it came to pass that I was hired by him into his business.

Shortly said business was attacked and we lost two employees. (I am co-ceo of a sort, we do not have traditional work Tiers.) We had to move. T Saudi Arabia, then Qatar, Myanmar, and finally Cambodia, where I now live and work.

Here on, I have made many friends, and feel fortunate to have had this experience.