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Hi, I'm an 11-year-old boy (My name is AverageCat don't get to see my real name). Increased availability! Friend me, join my club: We aren't a good club, but we are always improving. To help out, just join! We just need happy peeps like y'all to help. Btw, if I'm online and you wanna challenge me, just send me a message! I will see according to if I'm busy or not. Shoutouts: @littlechessnut for making me my club, @lqflynn for being an awesome friend, @Check_Mate187 for being a friend on, @Jaylene2008 for being a great friend and frequent chatter, @CongoratsUlost2me for the logo, YOU for stopping by in mine profile. Brah don't judge me I'm just a cat with internet access.