Hello everyone! I am an 12 year old chess player playing for Russia, but I live in Canada. I have been playing chess for almost a year now, and I hope to reach 2000 by the end of the year and get CM/NM by the start of next year. I enjoy playing variants, but sadly most of them aren't too important, and my favorite variants don't have tournaments for them. My favorite time control is rapid, but I also enjoy playing classical and daily too. My favorite openings are the Queen's Gambit, the Sicilian Defense Taimanov Variation, and the King's Indian Defense. Feel free to challenge me to a daily game, a rapid game, a blitz game, or a chess variant when I am online (Whether I accept or not depends on rating, time control, and games played. Also, feel free to follow my blog. And here is my YouTube channel, check it out and drop a sub if you want.