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Time to write my bio. If you have any suggestions of anything to add or change, tell me and thanks!

About me as a person

  • I'm twelve years old, will be turning thirteen in May of 2022. 
  • Currently studying in the seventh grade. Taking Algebra 1. Suffering through Honors ELA.
  • Doing well in school does not mean enjoying it...
  • Favorite subject: does PE count? If not then probably Algebra.
  • I was born in Hong Kong but moved to the U.S. at a few months of age and have lived here for my (short) life.
  • No social media yet, so you'll just have to follow me here on happy.png
  • No favorite TV show, movie, food, or color. Can't I like a lot of them?

My life on

  • I became a Top Blogger a few months ago, stress is high to create high-quality content but I enjoy it. Happy to be one of the youngest Top Bloggers! Check out my blog at
  • I can't post as frequently as I would like because of activities and life, but I remember in the summer I had posted literally almost every single day at one point.
  • Shooting for 2100 rapid soon
  • I don't know why I can't get my blitz and bullet ratings up to my rapid rating...
  • I play too much speed chess.
  • 67 medals
  • I love playing 30 second bullet arenas but haven't played in many so far, but had good results.
  • My favorite time control is either 1|0 bullet or 10|0 rapid
  • Favorite variant is Crazyhouse. Haven't played in a while because there aren't many people playing it.
  • Looking for a good bughouse partner!
  • KOTH or 3 check anyone?
  • 4PC is fun but I prefer focusing on standard chess.
  • I like helping people improve, so if you ever want help with anything chess-related, just message me or send a chat request. 
  • SA of the Vote Chess Fans Club, a great club to improve your teamwork, logical thinking, and just a really fun and welcoming place for mainly vote chess. We have a 95% win rate, recently started joining leagues and have just started our first Chess 960 match.

My history in chess

I learned chess when I was around 5-6 years old. I took some lessons back then, but almost completely stopped for years until around two years ago, when I joined a club here and started playing competitively in tournaments. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I haven't been able to play in the rated section of a tournament. So still no USCF or FIDE OTB rating yet. My guess is that it would be around 1600-1800 if I did get a USCF rating. I've beaten a couple of 1600s in an OTB tournament (still unrated) in 10|0 but I don't know how I would do in longer time controls.

My first real OTB tournament was in New York, in in Bethesda Falls of Central Park. It was the Chess-in-the-Park Rapid Open two years ago. I scored 5/6 in the unrated section if my memory is correct. I didn't go to the tournament last year because of COVID. But this September I went again, but this time playing in the Under 2000 section as an unrated player, where I met some 1600s and won. I scored 4/6 this time, though. I remember that I lost a game where my opponent played the stupid line 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Bc5 5. Nb3 Bxf2+ as black. I somehow managed to blunder a piece back later in time pressure. The other game I lost was as black, playing the KID against the Four Pawns Attack. It was after that that I realized that I desperately needed to expand my knowledge of the KID, and so I studied and started my blog on the KID.

I've been to some friendlier OTB tournaments, smaller and organized by people I know. Didn't score too badly, but it was a while ago. But during the pandemic, I played in some online tournaments. I played in the National Online Scholastic Chess Championships in two sections, K-6 and K-9 (at that time I was still in 6th grade). If I remember correctly the time control was something like 45|15. In the K-9 section, playing against kids up to three years older than me, I scored a positive score of 4/7. I played one of the best players in the country for our age group, rated over 2100, in the first round. I lost, but after reviewing the game realized that I hadn't done all that badly in the middlegame, but had collapsed near the endgame. In the K-6 section, I scored 4.5/7, a half-point better than I did in the K-9 section. Not bad, but I always feel like I could have done better. I threw too many games, and one of my worst memories is in the first game of my first national tournament ever. I mouseslipped and blundered my queen on MOVE 7 in a position where I was already going to be up two pawns and virtually winning. Always haunts me.

My reaction after the game: AHHHHHHHH *slams the table* AHHHHHHHH *runs away from the computer* AHHHHHHHhhhh..... *calms down finally and prepares for the next game*
I also played in the National Online K-12 Championships (you only play people in your grade level; I only played 6th graders), a two-day event with a similar time control. Winning 2/4 games on the first day and managing to win 3/3 the next, I finished with a 5/7 score. I've played in some online blitz tournaments by USCF and OTB tournaments that I don't remember, but I'm hoping to play in more tournaments soon, OTB and online, as restrictions slowly start to dissipate.

Sports and hobbies

Sports: I play soccer (oops I mean football) and tennis mainly. My school's soccer season had a disappointing finish recently, losing in the semifinals of the championship when it was 3-3 in overtime (Golden Goal) and the other team scored off the kickoff when the ball bounced over our goalkeeper. Our regular season record was 8-1, only losing to the best school in our region 3-1. Flaunting the #11 jersey, I ironically also finished as the top scorer with 11 goals in 10 games (bragging rights over my friends for the rest of the year happy.png).

Now that the soccer season is over, I focus on tennis. I just played in my first USTA rated tournament and won. It was a 12-and-under Level 7 tournament, so just about as low as I could go. Still got 32 points and am now nationally ranked! I play almost every day if the weather allows and train in a 12-18 year old training group where I get to play kids who shave and drive there. I'm right handed, use one-handed backhand, western-semiwestern forehand, hard continental serve grip, prefer kick/flat hybrid serving but majority of my aces slices down the t on the ad side or slices out wide on the deuce, play with a lot of topspin, and am very aggressive. 

I'm athletic and like a lot of other sports too, but just don't really have the time to play all of them. Basketball I play with my friends in gym. American Football I play at our occasional recess, as a running back, wide receiver, or quarterback on offense, or safety on defense. Baseball just isn't for me although I might be okay at it, and I like volleyball too. I'll try any new sport if I have the chance. 

Supported teams and players:

Tennis: I use one-handed backhand so naturally I like the pros who use it too... love Shapo's jumping 1h backhand, Dimitrov, Nadal (although he doesn't use one handed), but for some reason I'm not really a big Federer fan. Rublev, Medvedev, and Djokovic fan, also supportive of a lot of Next Gen players such as Alcaraz. Love watching Schwartzman beat players a foot taller than him...

Soccer (football): Messi. That's all I'm saying.

American Football: EEEEEAAAGLES this is Philly territory JUST CLINCHED PLAYOFFS SPOT LETS GOOO

Basketball: I don't really follow it, so no supported team. Just like watching some good balling.

Ice hockey: none. 

Hobbies: I'm a huge reader and read a lot. Favorite books (I can't just have one) might be the Gone series by Michael Grant, Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, Harry Potter, Alan Gratz books, etc. I like cooking/baking, gaming, any strategy, logic, or brain-intensive games and board games, and chess of course. Writing is fun too although I hate my ELA class. Started skateboarding recently but haven't done much with that at all recently.

Want to play me?

Challenge requirements:

To play me: Rapid Blitz Bullet Crazyhouse Other variants
Rated 2000+ 1750+ 1850+ 1500+ 1000+
Unrated 800+ 700+ 700+ 700+ 600+

For daily chess I accept all challenges.

these are just general guidelines. I want to help you improve, but at the same time I don't have unlimited time and I cannot spend too much of it playing if it will not have much effect for either player. 

If I know you I can make exceptions.

Tips (not in order)

  1. Listen to this while you're playing (ok this might not help you improve but it does help me play):
  2. WATCH HIKARUHikaru Chess GIF - Hikaru Chess Hikaru Nakamura - Discover & Share GIFs
  3. Sugar, but not toooo much
  4. Don't play in long sessions
  5. Eat healthy 
  6. Read books
  7. Focus on things you need to improve
  8. Watch and analyze top-level games
  9. Sleep well
  10. Exercise or play sports to keep your body as well as your mind active
  11. Puzzles, Puzzle Rush, and Puzzle Battle are all great ways to improve your tactics
  12.'s lessons and videos are great too
  13. Analyze and learn from your own games too
  14. Have fun playing chess... if you're not having fun what are you doing here?

Favorite chess players:

Garry Kasparov

Magnus Carlsen

Bobby Fischer

Favorite chess streamer:


Hikaru reaction to 24. h3? - GIF on Imgur

My best games

These are all 10|0 games so they are not as accurate as I would like them to be, except for the first one which was awarded 99.4%, but they are interesting and demonstrate some good ideas and have pretty finishes.

(analysis from my blog posts)

Wins against titled players (15)
Draws against titled players
Losses against titled players (42)
I used to play the French...
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