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Now amateur Chess champion of England for the 3rd time! 2015,2017,2019 happy.png 

And chess character of England times 3 happy.png

Well about me.. I am a former Teaching assistant and football coach in a primary school. I organized and ran the chess club. I now coach kids chess in primary schools in London. I used to Coach football privately(Kids teams) and have been doing that since I was 16!. Started playing Chess at age about 5/6. Loved it more than computer games and was an addict. Was beating mum and adults within a few months. Read many Chess books before the age of 10 and used to play the old GM (Notated) games out on an old tatty chess board and came across a game played by Paul Morphy and have been hooked on him and hes style ever since. I didnt know he was regarding as the best ever but it was hes sacrifices and flair that made me love him. I try to play like him as much as possible lol. Beware of my kings Gambit just like him lol. I dont think he ever lost playing it on the Chessbase records with an even Material setting. Dont think he even lost a knight or pawns down either. Anyway I am now back in Chess after 4 year absence and before that 14 year absence. Was school Champion every year in primary and was the best in secondary school.  But never carried it on. Hopefully back for good now ;-) Once played a Simul v Nigel Short and did quite well. I will post the game v him when I find it. I am also Looking for a club to join OTB in London. If anyone can recommend any or let me know if they are a member of one it would be appreciated. Thanks. QUOTES ((The best defence is a good offense!!)) ((I'd rather be a has been than a never was)) ((If you dont prepare.... Then prepare to fail)) ((Its not a Failure to lose... Its a failure not to try and win!)) ((looks grab the attention, but personality wins the heart)) ((I'd rather live with rejection than regret)) ((I may not live forever..... But im gonna die trying!!)) ;-)