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Kinana Kunanti

Sebelah Timurnya Barat Jakarta, Indonésie
Date d'inscription
23 mai 2012
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il y a 14 jours
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Hi...Regards...My name is Ruslan AW, most people call me Aw, I have learn chess when I was in High School. firstly, I learn it by a book and the news paper weekly . on the side column of that paper, there is an analysis of chess by Indonesian Grand Master, that had been played by Top players around the world. I learn about the rules of the game from him. I am interested in learning chess and I am already familiar with those rules, but I am very weak when it comes to tactics and strategy :D. On the other hand, I don't feel like there is anything worth doing well that I completely learn from reading a book...Pathetic...excruciation... :D. And last but not least...if somebody want to be a good player of chess, the GM said : Play a lot of (serious) chess and review your games! ...Practice tactics! ( ...Limit your study to the "really important stuff." Ask, "What's the threat?" and "Is it hanging or protected?" after every move!!! ... Be open to criticism about your games. Use all your pieces. ... Ask for advice from better chess players. Regards. AW.

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