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Greetings fellow chess enthusiasts! 15 year old National Master Grayson Rorrer here. Thanks for stopping by happy.png My profile has been a bit long in the past so I'm going to try and keep it short wink.png

I come from the small town of Lockhart, Texas. I am an avid chess player, streamer and writer. I enjoy classical chess and have very real disdain for bullet. Having played it a lot in the past I think I am authorized to say: bullet is not real chess!

I've only been playing chess for five years, but thus far have achieved the National Master title. I am already looking forward to a much bigger goal: the title of International Grandmaster! (See my username wink.png)

Chess-wise, I started playing at the ripe age of ten. Soon after, I made 1800 USCF (class A) in two years. I was almost entirely self taught at the time. After starting with my first teacher and another two years I was over 2000 (Expert). I had a bit of a slump in the following period, but a series of extremely good performances in mid-to-late 2019 culminated in the 2020 Southwest Class Championship.

There (my first 9 round, masters only tournament) I gained 70 USCF points, 170 FIDE points (!), and obtained my National Master title. You can find a cross-table for that tournament at:

With the ongoing pandemic freeing lots of time in my schedule, I've found time to take on previously unthinkable ventures. First of all, I’m uploading a variety of chess related content weekly. Check out my blog on here for some snippets: My blog on For the full uploads each week, go to my website for instructive articles, book reviews and more at:

Hope you like it! If so, you are welcome to subscribe to my mailing list (also on my website) to receive weekly email notices of new posts, site updates, occasional giveaways, contests, and more. Just FYI, my website is still a work in progress. If you could let me know about any errors you spot that would be great happy.png

Moving on, I began live streaming some of my online tournaments seriously in May 2020. Thus far I have had some success, reaching the benchmark of Twitch Affiliate! Check my stream schedule for exact stream times, and if you like my commentary be sure to follow at this link happy.png My Twitch channel

While you're at it give my friend Zura a follow also: Zurability Chess - great content!

NEXT STREAM (note: this may not be up to date): TUESDAY NOVEMBER 24 (Titled Tuesday Blitz on

12:00 PM- ~ 2:00 PM CDT

1:00 PM- ~ 3:00 PM EST

10:00 AM- ~ 12:00 PM PST


Saturdays (now biweekly): Puzzle battle match with IM Zura (either on my channel or his channel) and instructive chess workouts afterwards:

2:30 PM- ~4:30 PM CDT

3:30 PM- ~5:30 PM EST

12:30 PM- ~2:30 PM PST


My games in the Titled Tuesday (the last Tuesday of every month):

12:00 PM- ~ 2:00 PM CDT

1:00 PM- ~ 3:00 PM EST

10:00 AM- ~ 12:00 PM PST

Titled Arena on (check schedule for exact date):

2:00 PM- ~ 4:00 PM CDT

3:00 PM- ~ 5:00 PM EST

12:00 PM- ~2:00 PM PST

If you're a follower of my Twitch account and/or fan of my streams (or you just want to make me happy! happy.png) be sure to join the official club: The GM2B Viewers.

I am currently not available for coaching in nearly all circumstances. I also have very limited availability for training games. With that said, if you’re interested in either services, feel free to send me a message on here and I'll get back to you with further details! Only serious inquiries please happy.png

I should mention one more thing. Please do not send me a query that just states “can you help me with chess” or similar one dimensional questions. I want potential students to let me know their name, rating, the areas they want to improve on, etc., and then I will decide whether I wish to take you on or not.

Student review(s):

A wonderful coach for a nice affordable price! He's shown me new detailed openings and has very thorough analysis on each line on chessbase! grin.png He takes coaching very seriously and he prepares in depth for each lesson with studies to go through or lines to discuss! You can talk about any chess problems or lines you're having troubles with and he will answer them! 5/5 stars for sure.


Some of my notable results in over-the-board chess and chess writing:

  • Made it over 1800 (class "A") in 1 year 2 months of tournament play.
  • Made it over 2000 ("expert") in just over 2 years 2 months of tournament play.
  • Clear second U2000 at the 2018 San Antonio city championship.
  • Tied for first U2200 at the 2019 STLCC Thanksgiving open.
  • Tied for second U2300 FIDE at the 2020 Southwest class championship and gained 70 points along with the NM title.
  • Best classical rated win: IM Emil Stefanov, USCF 2440.
  • Analysis of my last round game from the 2020 Southwest class along with a short article about myself was published in the American Chess magazine issue #17 (pages 75-77)!
  • Featured in Chess Life's October 2020 "My Best Move" column.

Here are a few of my better games and tactics happy.png

This is the win that secured my National master title! My analysis of it was also published in American Chess magazine issue #17. Enjoy happy.png

If you liked those samples of my annotations, once again check out my website or my blog on here. If you want to help support me you can give me a follow on here or subscribe to my mailing list on my website. Thanks in advance!

Some other good results online I didn't feel like annotating:

My recent game against Anish Giri! He was very complimentary of my play, as you can see in this recording of his live stream happy.png

Draw against 2019 Women's World Championship candidate GM Aleksandra Goryachkina (2582 FIDE) in Titled Tuesday blitz

Win against strong GM David Paravyan (2653 FIDE) in Titled Tuesday

Win against GM Petro Golubka in Titled Tuesday

Win against GM Mikhail Kobalia (2614 FIDE) in the Abu Dhabi Super Blitz Challenge

Win against GM Stany G.A. in the Abu Dhabi Super Blitz Challenge

Win against GM Nikola Djukic (2525 FIDE) in Titled Tuesday

Win against GM Swayams Mishra in Titled Tuesday

Win against "The Ginger GM" Simon Williams

Here are some of my other profiles:

USCF Profile

FIDE Profile Profile Profile I haven't played on here in a while, so my ratings are ridiculously low wink.png Profile

Youtube Channel At some point I may post chess related content on here, you never know happy.png

Discord username: Grandmaster2B#0632 and my server 

A few more things: I generally won't respond to messages or notes on my profile page saying "Hi" or the such. I also rarely respond to random challenges (and I will never play bullet! tongue.png). Again, if you want to set up a training game, message me first.

Finally, I only accept friend requests from students or people I know in real life (though I may make some exceptions for fellow Texans and/or avid followers of my blogs/streams). Stay healthy and chess on! happy.png