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My name is Nenad Dimitrijevic. I am from Novi Sad, a city in Serbia. I am married and have one child, a wonderful girl. 

I was born in Novi Sad, a city in Serbia, in1980. I have learned how to play chess from my father, when I was 5 years old. He saw potential in me, so he had hired a famous chess teacher FM Krasoje Notaros to train me.

From early age, I had a lot of success and I have received several awards among which are:

  • Junior champion of Novi Sad
  • Two time champion of Serbian province of Vojvodina – age group 14-16 years and 16-18 years old.
  • Forth place at the country – wide First festival of young chess players at former SR Jugoslavia.

I graduated from law school but I consider chess and teaching to be my primary professions. I have lots of experience. I am an active chess player and nowadays. I am dedicated, enthusiastic about work and I love my job. I am constantly committed to applying new things in my teaching practice, in order to keep my students interested and contribute to a better under standing of the subject matter.

I have had a chess school for 10 years and my students have so far achieved significant results. I am a member of the oldest chess club in the Balkans – NSK, which was founded in 1922. For many years I have been cooperating with the Turkish GM Dragan Solak by participating in training of his students.

Duration of one class is one hour.  Price for one class is 12$.  If you choose to take more then 2 classes in a week. price is 10$ per hour.

For more information, please contact me at