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Hi! My name is Van. I am 22 years old and am a Grandmaster from the Czech Republic.

My current Fide rating is 2649, which makes a top 100 player in the world.

I am fluent in English, German and Czech.

I believe in the saying ,,Practice makes perfect!", and there is no better type of practice than playing training games with stronger players and talking to them after the games.

My main strength lays in my analytical abilities, I have been a long time student and training partner of super GM David Navara.

Therefore I offer to players of all strengths training games and deep analysis without computers right after finishing the games. I will be hoping to give you insights into how GMs think and work. I can help with opening difficulties as well as advice for positional and strategical thinking. 

The training would consist of 1 hour playing and half an hour analysis via Skype. Analyzing your games are just as important as playing them!

Achievements: European Champion U18 in 2019

                         Worked for a 2750+ player for half a year 

                        2nd in Tata Steel B group 2022
                        Youngest Czech Grandmaster in history

                       Top 100 ranked  in the world.

                        Member of the Czech national team

                        Multiple time national youth champion

Contact: thaidaivan@gmail.com 

(Recommended for 1800+)