One day... One day I will figure out what to put in this bio.

------------------------------Just Some Stuff------------------------------

@M1m1c15 | thats dumb just do natalie wilcock

@torokeru | "Alex idc if u don't like it"


Operation: Troll | Complete

Operation: Fury | Is a Go/Disbanded

Operation: Prince Fury | Complete and Terminated

Operation: Jack Fury | Is a Go/Kinda Disbanded

Operation: Kitty | Will Be Complete (In Three Years)

------------------------------The Living G.O.A.T.S.------------------------------

@KeSetoKaiba | One of the greatest and kindest people I know.

@25GSchatz22 | A kind, caring friend who never gave up.

@Link4000 | An amazing man who helped me and others in their time of need.

@ARMYVeda7777777 | A nice girl who's a great friend.

@Webbygail | A very kind, caring person who's very funny.

@torokeru | Very mysterious, gotta get to know you better.

@A_Silent_Assassin | Kind, caring teen who likes to chat and surprisingly isn't annoying.

------------------------------The Dead G.O.A.T.S.------------------------------

@gpowerf | One of the first people I ever met on chess.com.

@Rediskindasus5666 | A funny friend who was always up for chat.

@Imback87 | Red's alt who asked me to plead chess.com to open his account back.

@Imback88 | His second alt who did the same thing.

@Itude | An innocent man banned for absolutely no reason at all.

@52yrral | Died before I could get to know him better.

@CupEnd | Arguably the greatest friend I ever had. Never gave up, and was always there in my times of need. And I was always there for him.

@heavyducky | Another one of the first people I met. He was a very funny guy who was always up for chat.

@OpenJoyfulKitty | A funny guy who closed before I got to know him better. The good news is he's coming back in around 2-3 years.

@Druvraaj | A nice girl who I chatted with a lot. Then randomly disappeared after her school banned chess.com. Then never came back.

@Kayden_Potter | A great friend who randomly disappeared.

@jaceluginbyhl | Another great friend, one of the best I've ever had. Chatted for hours at a time and had great fun together.

@Spirit-Ignited | An amazing friend who disappeared without notice. Probably going to return soon, but probably not.

@Naruto | Oh wait can I say about Naruto. A funny, amazing, kind person who never gave up. The greatest person you could possibly imagine.