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Ragdoll Chess YouTube - Make sure to Subscribe, It has a lot of instructive videos!

Ragdoll_Kitten15 Lichess - It's where I stream classical tournaments. I use lichess to practice classic!

Your chess24 profile | chess24.com - Chess24 account! 

Ragdoll_Kitten Twitch  - where I stream chess! 

Spotify – Ragdoll - My spotify!

Fruit Basket (@ragdoll_kitten21) • Instagram  - My instagram but I don't do anything there yet..

U v U - Chess Club - Chess.com - My club! 

Kittens - Chess.com - My blog! Upload daily almost every day!

My FIDE ratings:

Classical- 1276

Rapid- 1327

Blitz- 1643

Hello there! I'm Ragdoll, (well this is my nickname and many people call me that...) and I started playing chess when I was 6, and I had a tiny chess board where my father taught me to play chess. I use to play with my toys fighting on the chess board and taking decisions! Was really funny, but I took chess seriously during covid-19 in 2020. My P.T sir had told me this site, and I immediately got a rating of 800 (beginner level). I had an old account, where I reached 1800 and decided to have a new start because my old account was kind of messed up. I closed my account (but got banned somehow) and made a brand new account! I also got a quick rating of 1600 (kind of like loss) but brought back up to 1800! During those times I played many streamers like Samay Raina, Sardoche etc. (you can check out that video in my YouTube channel).

I still remember I couldn't sleep on those days (hahahah) and after that got so much confidence that I gained up to 1900! I started playing FIDE rated tournaments, and that is why I am playing online rarely. 

I am now working on my FIDE rating! Chess.com is already achieved. I still be online and blog a lot! 

And also am waiting for chess.com's reply for my application on top blogger >..<