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Never, Ever, Doubt The Chess Skills Of A Lemur!

This particular Lemur likes to play crazyhouse and four player chess. He is 6 months old in cat years, and also likes learning how to code and watching the computer chess championship's. His favorite chess engine is lc0, and he likes to play the Ruy Lopez opening. His favorite quote is by Lemur Licasso:"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like a lemur"

I also make logos and backgrounds!! Please PM me if you want one. 

Here are some SUPER awesome clubs that you should join:

Lemur LegionMe and @SmartChessPlayingCat's club, filled with good people and fun games.

The Great Cat Queens: @SmartChessPlayingCat's club, which is growing bigger every day. There are lot's of fun games there, and it is very active.

Lemur Logo's: Do you want a awesome logo or background designed by experienced designers, and have it delivered in less than a day? If the answer is yes, then this is the club for you!

Chesskid Variants League: Are you a chesskid who likes variants? If so, this is the club for you! We are active, and we have lot's of fun forum games.

The Club For Awesome Chess Players: Me and @sahasrabonda's club. We are active, and you will never get bored here!

Chess Climbing III: calmpuppyanddolphin's club. It is active, there are lot's of fun games, and all the people in it are very nice!

Lemur Empire: My new club, are you a lemur or other certified animal? If so, click that join button to access unlimited fun!!

Let's go LC0! Computer chess championships.

Please PM me if you want a logo, I give 'em out for free grin.png 

Here are some previous ones I have designed:

And those are just a few!!

I bet you can't tap this button down here: