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Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese.
Hi all!
My name is Ronald Brizuela, I'm Maestro Fide I'm 24 years old. I practice this discipline since I was twelve, I am dedicated exclusively to the world of chess and I am currently number 5 in my country. I have two rules of International Master. I have five years of experience as a volunteer and professional coach, and I enjoy working with students of all ages. I am here for you and I will do everything possible to improve your chess!
I am accepting new students interested in trying some lessons before establishing a longer commitment, who are motivated and dedicated to improving their game.
My process with each student is as follows:
• Initial evaluation (goals, objectives, expectations)
• Detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
• Prepare a training plan based on your improvement.
• Analyze all tournament games
• Monthly re-evaluation and level evaluation.

In my classes I usually focus on all aspects of the game with each student:
• Understanding of the opening (theory and preparation of openings)
• Planning and execution of the game.
• Calculation
• Understanding of the endings.
• Theory of the endings.

I usually focus more on positional understanding and tactical vision than on openings; however, I will be more than happy to help strengthen your favorite opening. The endings and the analysis of the games are frequent, also my class plans are progressive and will be structured around their improvement.

I believe that the job of a coach is not only to instruct, but to develop an individualized training regime that adapts to the needs of each student. I also believe that a suitable coach should use the variety of available training resources and guide the student to use them in the most effective way. Finally, a coach should motivate the student to work and improve their game as much as possible, so that the student progresses quickly and reaches his or her maximum potential. With each student I work with, my focus is not only to teach them as much chess as possible, but also to teach them how to improve the different aspects of the game, that is, how to train the calculus, how to properly learn an opening, how to improve the game / end of the game, and so on.

I am also available for training games at any time of control.

Rates may vary If you are interested in the lessons, have any questions or just want more information, you can contact me at, You can also send me a message here on

"The strategy is the use of battle to win the war, and the tactic is the use of men to win the battle "