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19 mars 2020
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Hi guys this is @Sammy_Thechessboy (I changed my username).  I'm a chess player that's not that good but improving a lot throughout these months. I do not have a membership, but try to make the best out of it. An advice on is to only restrict chats and messages to friends. Also, disable chat everytime you get into a game with a person you don't know. Believe me, there are lots of bad ppl in this world. I have some members that I want to mention that offended me and surely has to be punished, but I'd rather not say since I don't want to offend anyone. Also, please join the knowledge club. It is a fun club for players of all ages and levels. Also, be sure to check out my blog if you're a beginner at chess. I give advice to beginners of chess, bc I'm not good enough to teach players of all levels. Although, I'm trying my best to help the community. My favorite opening is the italian game, which threatens the weak point of black, which is f7. I like to attack the weak points of the opponent's defense, while still trying to not expose the king. It is hard, but I'm trying my best. P.S. Please don't call me a fool bc I'm bad, I'm trying my best. Also, please join the knowledge club, I guarantee you that it's the best club in! wink.png Also, this is my best game where I got a 97.7 accuracy for the win. (that's really good for a 900 rated guy don't you think happy.png)