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Is there anyone who does not fear anything? who is always dareful and can do everything? If there is anyone then dare to click on my marshmello image above!!


Alan Walker - Paradigm Talent Agency

#Alan Walker

I am a great music lover


I am a good photographer...


I love mythical creatures and also love to study about them

Where were they found, what was their speciality etc....

40+ Best Manticore images in 2020 | manticore, beast, fantasy art

My most favourite mythical creature is the phoenix..

Pin by Miquo Meska on Airbrush | Phoenix bird tattoos, Phoenix art, Phoenix  images

My favourite author is  AGATHA CHRISTIE why will i tell? you guess yourself!!!

and out of her novels my most favourite book is the..

The ABC Murders : Agatha Christie : 9780007527533

Some of my best friends in are @gullupakka, @juniorjumper, @DNRanbui2K7 and @Eagle-Pegasus.....Special friends include my friends who are my real life friends......whom i know very well....They are @MysticalCutie, @Rise_like_a_pheonix @Ritam1518, @Shreshtha91028567,@King02031976 @DHRUBAJYOTI2000 and @Snowflake8890 ...

Do you want to know about my favourite food? Well its down below...

Chicken Hakka Noodles Recipe (Step by Step) - WhiskaffairI know you fear me. If not then click me!!

Chicken Egg Hakka Noodles!! Yummy!!!!

I am 13 and my school is South Point High School and i read in Class 7 and i accept any friend requests but not all aclub inviteswink.png.....

That's all about me.....

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