Hi!  I'm a 11-year-old kid.  Chess is pog

And I like bullet, maybe too much,  played 600 games of 10 sec chess today grin.png

To the people who found me on the "player league" leaderboard (https://www.chess.com/leagues/stone), i will be continuing to grind away those trophies and try to hold my first place.  A tip on farming trophies:  play 10 second bullet with a friend or with randos.  They give you 3 trophies per win and is 200% worth it (unrated games also give you trophies)

To the people who found me on the endgames leaderboards:  I'm currently done with endgames, as the new mobile users who have a larger advantage, so I will not be attempting to break anymore world records

Winning King and Pawn World Record!!!

If anyone's wondering how to get good at queen mate, you can use this guide to get a good time :