Thanks for the view, also dm me mango if you read my bio. I am 14 and i go by the name of dragon. I like to do rp and rp means roleplay. Only 2 people know my irl name. If you ask me for my irl name or my pic even after i have told you to stop 3 times i will block you. If you are messaging me only to ask me to play a chess game, don't message me in the first place. Where did profile note go? I will only add you to my bio if i have know you for a while and we are good friends. More coming soon. Last updated on 4/12/24. 

@AnaandBojana: a good friend that asked to be on here

@josephscrougham2: minecraft

@luv_desii: i will always tackle her and sit on her head

@bestbubble7: she says that she is not dating scemer, i don't trust that one bit

@jxsoobear: one of my many many friends on here