I might not know about me but I know stuff about you.

1. You are reading this.

2. You just gave me 1+ view😎

3. You are a human.

4. You can’t say the word dog without moving your mouth.

6. You just attempted to do it.

7. You are laughing at this.

8. You have a smile on your face and you skipped 5.

9. You check if there is 5.

10. You laughed at it.

Owner of Dog Lovers of the world.

Owner of Hikaru dog chess club.

Owner of anyone who joins this club becomes admin.

Owner of Gotham is cool.

99.9 of you care about this. Jesus was thinking of you when he was on the cross. If you are the 0.1 who cares then put this on your profile.You will get a trophy and I can celebrate by doing tournaments.If you can please join Dog Lovers of the world.

My club Dog Lovers of the World aiming for 40 members.

I love dogs! And I hope you do too!