gender-female (she/her)

If I hate you would  probably know already 

Misson- try to attack arch this is important  >:]

Books I love wings of fire as you can tell.

I drew my profile pic lol

My irl brother - @Tigers-are-cool 

My irl sister - @foxes_are_cool

age- enough  to drive 

You can call me dragon or whiteout 

I read-wings of fire and warriors

My favorite color is sky blue

taken <3 not irl lol

I draw a lot of dragon's

bday-may 1st   ♉

I love role-playing wof=wings of fire

Best friend

@Dranyam00 , cool person I love to chat random things but is great  don't  be mean to my friend or else 


@Rainimator_chess , very nice person does wonderful rp's with me. I'm  so sweet to him lol

@DRAGON_CHESS_100 , random  stuff we talk about nice person  go be friends  with him not his brother  though. Good rp's with him even if I cause chaos lol