Young Maidens For Jesus

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31 de dec. de 2020
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This club is for the young women in Christian Youth Chess Team. 

*You can only get into this club by being privately invited by one of the members. If you are in Christian Youth Chess Team and would like to be invited, please leave @Courageous4Christ a Private Message or chat.*

God desires fellowship with us, not because of who we are but because of who He is.  We hope to laugh and cry together.  Our goal is to grow spiritually in the bond of CHRISTian fellowship and to experience that fellowship in a meaningful and intimate way.


Please read:

We are not here to gossip and we expect members to keep private the things shared. We ask that each of us be willing to speak from the heart and be completely dedicated to one another in honesty, love and transparency. We understand that members may not be ready to share all the struggles in their lives and that's okay. We ask that members do their best to lift up one another regularly. Prayer and dedication is important for this group. Please understand that inactive members may be kicked out as we want to keep this club both active, and very small so everyone feels comfortable. Thank you!