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Team Venezuela
Hola! Te invito a formar parte de Team Venezuela, somos el grupo que representa a Venezuela en la Liga Mundial de Nos gustaria que te un...
BMO Market Risk Chess Club
BMO Market Risk Chess Club
A friendly home from home for the LGBT+ of We are an inclusive group extending the same warm welcome to all who fit into longer acronyms...
The 7even Warriors
Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like to improve your game? Then join The 7even Warriors All skill levels – from beginne...
Mexico Sur
Para jugadores nacidos o residentes de los estados mexicanos de Morelos, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Estado de México, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán y ...
Rare and Exotic Usernames
  Everyone is welcome, members will be promoted based on their usernames:   I am proud to announce the new RANKING SYSTEM! Now, instead of opini...
Шаховий Король
Клуб топових глядачівДля бажаючих підтримати автора: 4441114450585466
Libya Chess Team
Libya Chess Team: The official representative of The Arab League Championship. Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like to ...
New Jersey Chess Team
This is a group for all those on who currently live in or are former residents of New Jersey. We primarily compete in the US Team Chess L...
GALI Kings
Club ufficiale del Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei di Padova. Indica la tua identità sulla richiesta di partecipazione. Per info entra!
Nikki's Chess Club
Hey you!   My name is Nikki and I’m a full time Chess Streamer on TWITCH ! We have Arena Thursdays, Viewer Game Review Sundays and many more even...
IESE Chess
A chess club for students of IESE. Must have an IESE email address to join the club. Used for friendly play online and school tournaments.
Team Pakistan
Kindly join this official chess club and support to make it even stronger at world level.
GM Benjamin Bok
GM Benjamin Bok's Club
Four Player Chess League
Welcome to the 4 Player Chess League! We host games every week, for both FFA and Teams (Old Standard, 5|10). No more waiting for queues to fill up!...
Good Knight PH
Chess Community in philippines.
Chess cheetahs
Every one is welcome I will let you be a coordinator, the next 20 people that join will be admin!my target will be 60 people ! So for I will very g...
The Globetrotters
Hi, welcome to The Globetrotters Club Where you can comfortably play chess, share your views, strategies, tactics, learn from each other and als...
BTS Stans
hey, fellow armys (or people who want to be armys)! come join us in 'BTS Stans' where we talk about BTS and other kpop groups/bands! hopefully we...
Team Buenos Aires
Team Buenos Aires, es un equipo para ajedrecistas que viven en la Provincia o en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires; o bien, que hayan nacido o vivido o est...
The CYCT Photographers Club
This is a club for Christian people who love taking photos!!Must be in Christian Youth Chess Team to join