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Atwood's International club of Chess HQ
no one may join this club without being a coord, admin, or s.a . but you can join our main club by clicking   our club banner    
Bulgaria for everyone in the world
Клуба с най-ценните шахматисти! The club with the most valuable chess players!
The Pokémon Fans
This group is for all fans of Pokémon! Whether you like the anime, the movies, the cards, or the games come join us! We will discuss Pokémon and pl...
  A new tournament site is born:TCMAC: The Colosseum Master Arena Combat Open We organize Tournaments: We have 1 day, 2 days and 3 days Tournam...
Al-ternative Discussion
a group to talk about ideas, politics, current events, etc.  or, your local club of iniquity, just like your neighborhood watering hole.
Team Italia Live
  Team Italia Live  è la squadra italiana di riferimento per le competizioni internazionali LIVE organizzate su  Il gruppo non partecip...
Morocco Chess Team
Morocco Chess Team: The official representative of The Arab League Championship. Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like t...
Bikini Bottom Discord
A club for Bikini Bottom on Discord, a fan run community for Spongebob Squarepants. Join our server here:
A friendly home from home for the LGBT+ of We are an inclusive group extending the same warm welcome to all who fit into longer acronyms...
Our Goal Is to Create a fun , safe and fair environment for all chess learners to enjoy the game
Qween Chess Club
Created this club to have fun , friends and tournaments.
Team Korea
안녕하세요! 대한민국 공식그룹, Team KOREA 입니다. This group is the official group representing Korea in the World League and Asian League.  This club is...
France Belgique Canada Suisse
Club pour les francophones  Nous aussi toute le monde  La langue officiel du club est le français et l'anglais    
Team Lebanon
This is the group representing Lebanon on It is for all those who would like to participate in friendly matches representing Team Lebano...
Official Fan Club of Chess
Hello everyone before you join please read the rules.   #1) be kind, helpful, and forgiving   #2) We will not tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry,...
Elite Chess Group
Elite Chess Group   The official representative of the World Leagues Championships. has agreed to work on the new application if you want to find o...
LOTR Chess Team
Three clubs for the Grandmasters under the sky, Seven for the Blitz Players with their clocks and boards, Nine for the Competitors, ready to vie,...
Fair Play Board
A group dedicated to universal fair play on
Tyson is a Dummy Official Club
Join to worship. Professional hackers here only.
Chess University - Poland
Polska grupa Chess University przeznaczona dla osób, które chcą poszerzać swoją wiedzę szachową.
4PC Teams
This group is for all the members who specifically enjoy playing Teams in 4 Player Chess. Find new teammates (see below), discuss strategies, and o...
Etro Chess Army
This is a great club. Please join this club for more club matches. Make this army powerful and big. My target is to reach 75 members. Please help t...
Guwahati Chess Academy
This is a club for present and past students of Guwahati Chess Academy