• AFRICA International 
  • Formed: Jun 20, 2009
  • "AFRICAN LEAGUE" Welcomes you! It's open for anyone interested of the African League! Please join your national team,play and enjoy tournament between national teams of Africa!

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  • Happy Sunday everyone!!! Thanks for adding me, looking forward to making chess friends here

    by Tobairo 3 months ago

  • hwllo

    by lippyd 14 months ago


    by Mufudzi 15 months ago

  • Togo... form your team! Welcome to World League!

    by Mufudzi 18 months ago

  • is there anyone...admin.. who can jusitfy this inactivity?

    by Mufudzi 18 months ago

  • Bow Wow

    by Mufudzi 18 months ago

  • ??

    by Mufudzi 18 months ago

  • togo here. what's going on with this league

    by MaryandJuana 19 months ago

  • and the beat goes on and on and on. enjoy. Bow Wow

    by BigdogP 19 months ago

  • Welcome....Let the games begin!

    by Mufudzi 19 months ago