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  • Leeds. United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Mar 13, 2010
  • Hello and welcome to the chess.com group for Leeds, Yorkshire. This group has been created for anyone who plays chess in Leeds, whether they play for a Leeds based club or just for fun on chess.com. If you don't belong to a chess club in Leeds but would like to, contact me at tony@leedschessclub.org and I will point you in the right direction - Alternatively you can visit http://www.leedschess.org.uk/ to find a club near you. If you're from Leeds and a are member of chess.com, join this group and play for your city!

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  • this group is not active

    by vicomtelechaizela 12 months ago

  • I am here

    by Yorkshirehornet 20 months ago

  • no this site is not active the admin was last online 3yrs ago

    by vicomtelechaizela 20 months ago

  • Hello! If any member of this team wishes to ensure its participation in World Cities League 2015, he shoulda) apply to the Support to become its admin b) apply for membership in http://www.chess.com/groups/view/world-cities-league-hq group and leave a message http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/new-teams-signup-for-season-2015

    by Marignon 2 years ago

  • >.<

    by GrowlRawrMeow 2 years ago

  • I am here too

    by yaquensis 2 years ago

  • I am here

    by Yorkshirehornet 2 years ago

  • Is this group active?

    by JonnyLinny 2 years ago

  • Please lock ur team against Team Sri Lanka and start the game!

    by slvnfernando 3 years ago

  • Hi is this group still active? Team Sussex wanted to make a challenge, if you need a super Admin you can contact chess.com and get made up to Super Admin if yours has left

    by horsechessnut 3 years ago