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  • maths city International 
  • Formed: Jul 3, 2009
  • any one who likes maths can join

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  • I would like to invite all members of this group also to join group "Math Lovers" on link which follows Feel free to join any open match and vote game in this group. Good luck...

    by Sladjan_Dimitrijevic 17 months ago

  • Hi :).our group is active?;)

    by Mathematics 4 years ago

  • Hi Everybody!

    by Cowboy-46 5 years ago

  • Anyone interested in mathematics and want math puzzles with chess puzzles. ? Join the group "I want 2 do Maths" . It is really interesting group. We have puzzles daily and will get rank who solved it correctly . We will have many interesting features in the group. Here is the link -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    by Ajay-The_Grandmaster 7 years ago

  • hello everyone

    by mandloichetan 7 years ago

  • ok

    by keeeganomahoneey 7 years ago

  • hello and welcome! i hope you like this group, and it´d be nice if you be active by posting math riddles! if you don´t know somthing, you can always ask.

    by Dekker 7 years ago

  • hello

    by keeeganomahoneey 7 years ago

  • remember that the first 8 people to get a quiz biz question will get points, not just the first one

    by ShiViChess 7 years ago

  • yeah i'd join that group but stay in this one too

    by ShiViChess 7 years ago