@danielturtlepro, affiliates are free to run free entry tourneys and some do.
@gurdonark, at one point there was a list of verified affiliates but that wasn't getting much viewing so the staff member that was doing it, stopped tracking.
@Thoughtdancerschoice, the events in this club are absolutely rated against the official US Chess Online rating pools. While you can argue how important those are, when very few OTB events are happening, they are a way to get rated play in that is recognized by the federation.
Question: Is There such thing as a uschess not tourney that you dont have to pay to enter?
Gurdonark, I don't these are USCF tourneys as in they don't affect your USCF rating. They affect your chess dot com rating, and if you are a USCF member they 'see it' but it doesn't affect your USCF rating... They have had USCF rated tourneys here, but so far, far and few between...