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Communist League
Welcome to the communist club! Any of you tired of people calling you "dumb" just because your a communist enthusiast? Well don't worry, you not al...
Province of Ulster
We represent the Province of Ulster, and we are competing  in the UK and Ireland County Championships and the All Ireland championship. If you live...
Своя игра
Дорогие друзья и гости моего клуба! Уважаемые любители шахмат!  Я считаю своим долгом проинформировать вас о случившимся.  Вот этот участник сайт...
Catholic Chess Club
This Chess club is for people who love the game of Chess and either are Catholic and would love to go deeper into their faith, are not Catholic and...
8PC Custom Positions
Have you ever tried explaining your custom positions when making a new game? Have you ever wished "Why can't there be a place where all of the cust...
SKB Chess Club
A club for all skb students. A positive and peaceful arena for players of all levels and styles to mingle, compete and learn from each other. A pla...
Equipe de la chaîne de Skybloues : Tournois organisés de temps en temps.
Grupo do canal entrar no clube deverá seguir o canal na twitch e ter ao menos 50 partidas jogadas em sua conta.
Rebecca Chess Club
Chess equestrians
Спасибо что вошли в клуб! Мы очень рады всем новым игрокам.  Пожалуйста соблюдайте правила в клубе, принимайте участие в турнирах, матчах и конс. п...
Charlotte Chess Center
Team Macedonia
This group represents Republic of Macedonia on member's from Macedonia and Macedonians that live in Greece and around the world may ...
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Vous aimez les matchs par équipe en différé ou en Chess960 ? Love Team Matches, Chess 960 and daily chess ?  Welcome to Rouen!    
KL Chess Academy Official
The KL CHESS ACADEMY is an academy specialising in teaching chess and training chess talents (6-year old and above).  Depending on how far the stud...
BCC's discord club
Club used for Beginnerchessclubs discord to host tournaments 
Cat team
Welcome to this club! All cat Lovers are welcome in this club. Pls join
Team Siberian Federal Okrug
Сборная Сибири. Клуб объединяет участников шахматных клубов Сибири (Сибирского Федерального округа) для выступления за регион. Новосибирск, Омск, К...
Federación Salvadoreña de Ajedrez
Club Oficial de la Federación Salvadoreña de Ajedrez, canal oficial de campeonatos online. Institución deportiva que desarrolla e impulsa el ajedr...
Xadrez Marguerita de Paranaguá
*2° Xadrez Marguerita de Paranaguá* Dia 18/09/2021 ás 21 hrs. Sem taxa de inscrição. Torneio suíço de 10 rodadas Tempo de reflexão de 3+2 para ...