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The fruitlab chess club for tournaments and friendly matches!
Leicester City FC
International Chess Division - We are an open, active and competitive sports social group looking for members of all levels, it is the home of pass...
TJ Valašská Bystřice - šachy
Regionální Valašský klub pro hráče šachového klubu TJ Valašská Bystřice a okolí. Klub byl založen za účelem účasti v "ChessCom Clubs League", přípa...
Austin Chess Club
The Austin Chess Club is a friendly and active chess club that meets Sunday evenings. Doors open at 6pm and games start at 6:30pm. For the upcomi...
Team Italia DOC nel Team Italia DOC, un Team con una forte politica di tra...
the indian chess club
  Day              |  Study                    |   Live Tournament_______________________________________________________ Monday       |    Puzzl...
Variants are the best
  Welcome to Variants are the best -  a very large community that currently ranks 274th in membership from around 67,500 clubs.   This ...
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International Football Discussion
This is International Football Discussion! Here, we talk about football (soccer). We're all football fans here and we follow the game extremely cl...
International club
Rules of this club are > Respect all the players > Respect the club> (The most important rule) Enjoy and don't leave > Do no spam, I...
Scarlet Dreams
<p>"Scarlet Dreams where your dreams become reality." Our life is twofold; Sleep hath its own world . A boundary between the things misnamed ...
Los Terrybles
Unanse todos, estan invitados y pueden seguirme en el siguiente canal : 
La Zubia
Se tiene constancia de la existencia de torneos de ajedrez en La Zubia desde inicios de la década de 1970 con motivo de las fiestas patronales. A p...
Sudan Group
this group for all sudanese peoples and sudan lovers, don't hesitate join and be active member he in your group (sudan group) you are welcome . ه...
Mandarinas club
Somos el Club del canal abfchess. El club de Paraguay con más jugadores fichados hasta la fecha del país. Contamos con una Academia de Ajedrez, l...
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DCCA Online Club - Devon - England
Welcome to the DCCA Online Club on - the official online club of the Devon County Chess Association! Over the coming weeks, we will be or...
IM Nubair's Chess Club
Hello Everyone!Welcome to Official Fan Club of IM Nubair's Youtube Subs! & followers.This Club is made for my YouTube Channel, where ...
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Equipo Surrealista. Salvador Dalí
Las tentaciones de San Antonio.... Club privado pero abierto a todos los usuarios de  
Chess And Seasons
Hello!   I invite you to join this club.   It will be interesting here.   In club we have tournaments, matches, chess puzzles and vote ches...
Cricket Fans Club
All things IPL, International Cricket and Much More Here! Please join if you like cricket
Chess Boot Camp
For improving chess players (500-1200) only. A place to get free help and coaching from more experienced players (1200-1500+).