LCML S4 Round 1

LCML S4 Round 1

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(issued June 1st, 2023)

Dear chess friends, Season 4 of the LCML is played in the Swiss format on five rounds. Here below you can find the pairings of Round 1
Deadline for completing the matches is:  July 2nd, 2023 (24:00 CET).

# Team 1 Team 2 status
1 Team Spain Live Team Bulgaria played 1-3
2 Team Algeria Srbija Tim played 0F-4
3 Team France Team Turkiye played 1-0
4 Macedonia Forever Romania Chess Fed. played 0F-4
5 Team Italia Live Team Malta played 0F-0F

Each round consists of 3 matches:
1) Under 1600 blitz 3+2,
2) Over 1600 blitz 3+2,
3) Open rapid 10+5.
Matches 1 and 2 must start at the same time, match 3 follows 30 minutes later

Matches must be named, respectively, as:
“LCML S4 R1 U1600 Team A vs Team B”
“LCML S4 R1 O1600 Team A vs Team B”
“LCML S4 R1 Open Team A vs Team B”

Time control must be set to 3 minutes + 2 seconds per move (3|2) for the first two matches, and to 10 minutes + 5 seconds per move (10|5) for the third match.

Rating must be set max 1600 for the first match, min 1600 for the second match, and left blank for the third match. The parameters: game type, players per club, minimum games, setup, must be left at their default values.

It is in the resposability of the team captains to arrange the matches.

Link to the list of teams and their captains: TEAMS AND CAPTAINS.

Any issue regarding this tournament round shall be posted here.

Good luck!

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