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21 ago 2012
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A52 are accepting members who can genuinely support our group. This means regular participation with team matches on vote chess, 960 and standard chess. We're not a particularly big team as of now . However, with your help we can perhaps become one of the best here in chess.com! I truly hope we can become friends regardless of the distance between us. United through our love of chess. 

As of now we're venturing playing in live chess as a team. There have 2 type of tournament: Swiss and Arena. The old types Blitz, Bullet and Rapid....and tchess, com introduces Variant type of chess....3check, king of the hill, crazy house and live960. Its so interesting to try palying this type with the team. If you are willing to try it....come and join. Play with us....learn it....have points.....win the tournament and have fun.