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Airsoft is a modern combat sport/recreational hobby in which participants shoot round biodegradable pellets form replica firearms known as Airsoft guns. Often these are exact replicas of real firearms, tactical gear, and accessories used by the military or police organizations around the world.  Airsoft was first created in Asia in the last 1970’s as civilian ownership of firearms was prohibited. In the mid 1980’s, Airsoft guns were adapted into a recreational sport which is now enjoyed by thousands of players every year. An “honor system” is employed whereby the players rely on each other’s honesty to admit to being hit, because unlike paintball, the plastic pellets do not leave a distinguishable surface mark. Depending on the muzzle velocity of the gun and distance form which a person is shooting, the person on the receiving end of the Airsoft BB will usually feel the impact.  The guns can be categorized into three main types: Spring powered, gas (CO2, green gas) , and AEGs (automatic electric guns). Spring powered must be hand-cocked every time before shooting. They also shoot a lower velocity than gas or AGE guns. Gas powered guns can use different gases to power them such as CO2 canisters, green gas, or propane. An Automatic Electric Guns is a gin, most often in rifle style, that uses a battery and motor to power the spring mechanism. Guns tend to run at 350fps – 500fps or higher depending on the gun and the manufacturer. All guns are legally liable to comply with the “orange tip” muzzle requirement in order to distinguish them from real firearms. The BB’s used are primarily 6mm (about 0.24 in) size balls made of plastic. They come in different weights and brands as well as Biodegradable or Tracer style. Many players have compared getting hit by a BB is like getting snapped with a rubber band. This sensation can be lessened by the amount of layers being worn, safety protection (like facial and non-facial protection) and the fabrics. Due to the sport’s nature and the speed at which the BB’s are flying at, it is highly recommended that all players wear eye protection to prevent getting hit in the eye and going blind.