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10 gen 2021
74 (#1010)
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4 giorni fa
I'm glad the medals arrived for the winners. I hope to have more participation in our tournaments in the future! Let's all help in this.. Our team is small but very good! She deserves something more!
4 giorni fa
Me also. Thank you very much, Theo :)
I receive today your medal. Thank you very much Theo!
Feb 22, 2023
The member tournament is over! Congratulations to the 3 winners! They will receive their medals by registered mail soon!
Jan 26, 2023
Waiting for the winners ...

Waiting for the winners ...

theo1888 | 5 mag 2021
The photos do them injustice .. they are more beautiful!
Our new system!

Our new system!

theo1888 | 5 apr 2021
A very difficult match will start in a few minutes against the team  ''The Master Minds''  the opponents have a very strong composition so see in the table the offensive system that we will follow to reach victory! we need reinforcement! who can let us register.
NFT at Christie’s

NFT at Christie’s

theo1888 | 11 mar 2021
NFT made history today!A digital work of art sold today for $ 69.3 million at auction at historic Christie's auction house.This is the sale of "EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS" by the crypto artist Beeple.It is by far the largest known sale of an NFT, a special type of token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and proves the digital ownership of the project.Ether (ETH) was accepted as a means of payment for the first time in the 255 years of life of the well-known auction house. So far, how...
Crypto worldwide record!

Crypto worldwide record!

theo1888 | 26 feb 2021
According to a new study conducted by, the total number of cryptocurrency users worldwide has exceeded 100 million for the first time in history.The study, which measured the size of the cryptocurrency market using onchain metrics, survey analysis and internal data, recorded 106 million cryptocurrency users in January 2021.It is an increase of 15.7% only in one month!For our team in the match against Islas Malvinas we have the opportunity to make our own record with more than 10 pl...
''He refuses to work, says he's mining Bitcoins''

''He refuses to work, says he's mining Bitcoins''

theo1888 | 23 gen 2021
Πολύ κοπιαστική δουλειά! 24 ώρες, 365 μέρες το χρόνο!
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