8 set 2016
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11 ore fa
I guess that, if the chesscom developers had informed the bughouse community that the bug was fixed, that would've killed them, or caused them to become suddenly impotent, or something. Now the biggest problem I have with Play is the complexity in choosing a partner. I can do it, now, before a game begins, butt in the middle of a tourney, it's borderline impossible. Another problem: Sometimes, when watching a game, I don't get a notification that my game has started. Soon, I lose, SMFH.
1 giorno fa
perhaps the chat snafu has been corrected, but the other 10,000 things wrong with play persist.
1 giorno fa
I’m pretty sure it is
1 giorno fa
Is the Chat Bug fixed yet? I played in a couple of bug tourneys over the weekend; I didn't chat much, because I didn't want to get muted and booted. I saw some chat, but not a lot. Either the Chat Bug is still a problem, or people have PTSD from it.
2 giorni fa
como eu faço para traduzir para o portugues
2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championship

2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championship

chuckmoulton | 12 set 2022
Registration is now open for the 2022 chess.com Bughouse World Championships! Timeline September 10: Start of registrations October 1: First half of qualifiers October 4: End of registrations October 8: Second half of qualifiers October 17: Group stage starts October 31: Single elimination bracket starts Sections Open Challengers Prizes The event features a $5,000 prize fund, which will be divided as follows: Open section 1st: $1,800 2nd: $900 3rd: $600 4th: $300 5-8th: $50 Challenge...