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200 Member Update List

200 Member Update List

NM EnergeticHay | 9 mar 2021
Let's list things to update when we hit 200 members! I'll update this list as we finalize our ideas. 1. MOTW --> MOTM (Member of the Month) 2. Quarterly Daily Tournaments (still deciding on prizes 3. Maybe better prizes for GOTW? 4.  Live tournaments (how frequently?) 5. More positions (which ones?) 6. Celebration tourney - I will create a poll for that. Currently 10|0 Swiss, 6 rounds? Will occur 2 times on the same day, at different times (different ends of the world) 7. More coach...
Help with GOTW and MOTW

Help with GOTW and MOTW

NM EnergeticHay | 14 feb 2021
Can someone just post a news report for the winner of GOTW and MOTW? I believe we agreed @zetskie is the MOTW for Week 1. Things to do: 1. In the news post for GOTW, tally the total votes. 2. Grant awards to the top 3 games (5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd) 3. Create a new GOTW Week 2 forum and link the rules there 4. In the MOTW of the week news post, give a short explanation of why @zetskie won. 5. Give awards to @zetskie  6. Explain how to get MOTW for others who didn't get it, ...