Chess legends 101

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25 gen 2022
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Club Rules:

Do not spam or blackmail.
Do not be assaultive or abusive.
You are not allowed to promote other clubs (in the club's notes, the tournament chat, chat room and the forum).
For Team Matches:

Do not play just to resign in order to make the team lose.
For Vote Chess:

Do not play bad moves on purpose.
Do not vote for resignation or draw offer when we are winning (in order to make us lose).
In case of violation, you will be warned (the first 2 times) and then muted or expelled depending on the circumstances; you may lose your admin or coordinator position and, if you do, you won’t get it back. For the rules about Team Matches and Vote chess you would be found guilty if you violate them repeatedly.

Club milestones

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Do not remove, ban or Mute people without permission of SA (Super Admins) or owner

 To SA- do not remove or ban or mute other Sa admins or coordinators without permission of owner

To become coordinator, Admin... so on u have to be an active member or invite as many people as you can.

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