Golden World Alliance

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10 giu 2012
1.079 eventi giocati

Formerly Club 1100 KINGS, Golden World Alliance were the 2017 Team Match Championship League Division B Champions, a club that frequented most Team Match Tournaments has been out of commission for a while and is looking to get back in the game under a new name. The Team Match game has changed significantly and this club is looking for committed members who want to help advance this team into what it used to be. Planet Earth has seen better days, and it seems like across the world there are divisions everywhere from harsh politics even to just the simplest of things. The Golden World Alliance is a peaceful place where everybody can come together to defeat common enemies across the chess board and beyond, utilizing your own Heart of Gold to do it. 

If you're interested in joining, please be sure to have a relatively low timeout rate, this team wants to be competitive again, and timing out doesn't help anybody. Cheaters will be immediately kicked out and is obviously not permitted, I mean it's chess for goodness sake happy.png

Join the Golden World Alliance today, and let's be champions once again!