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28 ago 2017
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6 giorni fa
Also, a heads up that I have registered us for place in the European InterRegio Championship (EIRC), starting January. This is a kind of Champions league for the highest placed teams in the respective European country leagues. The UK has five places allocated, normally to the top five teams in our Division 1 championship 2022, but in case any do not to participate, there are 5 reserve teams. As we were promoted from Division 2, we qualify as a reserve. I'll keep you posted if we do participate.
6 giorni fa
Please see new forum regarding the 2023 County Championship. I have sent the challenge to our first opponents, Sussex, so look out for registration for that soon.
13 giorni fa
Welcome, Chris!
13 giorni fa
Welcome to our newest member, Chris from Faversham.
21 giorni fa
Thanks to all who joined the Hertfordshire match. Good luck in your games.
Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 April 2021

Analysis of Rochester (Minnesota) match games - 24 Apri...

TheAuditer | 18 apr 2021
Hello all, I've already posted this in our main chat, but it might sit better here... Some of you played in the recent friendly match against Rochester (Minnesota, US) chess club, which we narrowly won. I was contacted by my own opponent in that match (Rubus) to say that they are holding a match game analysis event next Saturday, to which we are invited (by Zoom). They have posted details here: The event will apparently feature 1-2 master level players an...